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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions:

1.1 “The Company” shall mean Turpin Roofing Contractors Limited.

1.2 “The Company” shall mean the signatory to this contract.

1.3 “The Services” shall mean the price as quoted by the Company and agreed by the Customer together with the price of all additional work carried out by the Company as instructed by the Customer.

1.4 “The Installation” shall mean all goods and services supplied by the Company to the Customer.

1.5 “Variation” shall mean goods and services supplied by the Company wholly or partly or in addition to those quoted and agreed as stated in the estimate.

1.6 “Extras” shall mean additional goods and services supplied by the Company at the request of the customer.

1.7 “Completion” shall mean when the installation has been finished.

1.8 “Ponding” shall mean the accumulation of surface water upon the installation.

1.9 “Estimate” shall mean appropriate judgement of value of cost of works and duration of Contract.

1.10 The Customer acknowledges that the Company is not engaged to provide consultancy services to diagnose and prescribe remedies to problems of building structure and design.

2. This Contract shall constitute the whole agreement between the Company and the Customer. Variations or amendments shall only be binding in writing and signed by an authorised representative of the Company.

3. Our estimate will be held open for 3 months from the date of submission thereafter it will be subject to review and adjustment with respect to fluctuations in the price of labour, materials and plant.

4. The Company hereby agrees to provide the goods and services stated overleaf at the contract price. Should the Company find during the execution of work that the contract cannot be properly undertaken due to the state or condition of the Customer’s property then the Company shall have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect on terms that the Customer shall be liable to pay the Company the cost of the Goods and Services already supplied by the Company at the contract rate including Variations and Extras unless the Company and the Customer shall agree any Variations that in the opinion of the Company, shall be required to enable them to properly perform the contract. The price of such Variations and any Extras shall be agreed between the Customer and the Company.

5. The Company have not included for the redesign of any of the falls in the roof levels. The new membrane system will be installed onto the existing constructed joist levels. Any water that may be retained on the finished roof surface will not affect the terms of the issued guarantee and the Company will not be held liable for any claims or withholding of monies as a result of such occurrences.

6. The Customer, prior to commencement of any works, must specifically instruct for the reconstruction of any roof falls if this is the Customers requirement of the proposed works.

7. The Customer shall permit the Company, its Servants or Agents such access to the property that the Company reasonably requests for the purpose of surveying, installing and inspecting the works and shall also provide free of charge to the Company during installation a storage area for the Company’s materials as well as 110/240 volt electric power and water. Furthermore, the Customer will not interfere with the work of the Company, its Servants or Agents during the installation period. If the Customer fails to permit the Company sufficient access for the Company to complete contractual obligations the Company shall be entitled to treat the Contract as repudiated and shall be entitled to receive from the Customer the contract price.

8. The Company shall use its reasonable endeavours to adhere to any delivery and installation period quoted insofar as it is able but time shall not be the essence and the Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damaged sustained by the Customer by reason of any estimated delivery installation or completion or other date quoted not being adhered to.

9. The Company shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage or delay which may be caused by factors outside the control of the Company such as adverse weather conditions prior to or during the installation or sickness or injury to the Company’s workforce or factors that could not have been reasonably foreseen by the Company at the time of entering the Contract.

10. During installation the Company will use its reasonable endeavours to keep the Customer’s building and possession in a weatherproof state but by reason of the nature of the work undertaken by the Company, the Company cannot take responsibility for damage to the Customer’s building or possessions by ingress of water or wind unless a temporary roof is installed at the Customer’s expense. It is the Customer’s responsibility to protect the contents of his property which maybe underneath or in the vicinity of the installation during the course of the installation.

11. During the works, some debris may be deposited to the area below. Any items that require protection should either be removed or protected by the Customer prior to commencement of the works.

12. The removal of debris, if quoted, will include for all existing materials removed from the quoted works area. This will not include the Customers own private rubbish or waste, nor will it include the removal of any dust deposits to the surrounding area as a result of the works.

13. The Customer acknowledges that small cracks or loose plaster necessitating redecoration may occur in any ceiling immediately below any roof installation and the Company shall not be responsible for the cost of redecoration.

14. Deposits are to be paid to the Company where requested by the Company no later than the day of commencement of the works. On completion of the installation the Customer shall pay the Contract price less any deposits already paid and the Company shall deliver to the Customer a receipted invoice within seven days of completion. The invoice shall also contain the agreed Variations and/or Extras. For the avoidance of doubt the customer shall not be entitled to refuse payment of the invoice of the main contract only on the ground that he disputes the invoice for any Variations or Extras. The Customer may be charged interest per month on the monies due in respect of invoices delivered by the Company to the Customer if not paid in the time stated.

15. Value Added Tax at the appropriate rate shall be payable on all monies due from the Customer to the Company pursuant to this Contract.

16. Upon payment of all monies due from the Customer to the Company under this Contract the Company will, within seven days, issue its guarantee (where applicable). The Customer acknowledges that any insurance backed guarantees will be issued directly by the insurance company within their own time scale and that the Company has no influence regarding this matter. For the avoidance of doubt this guarantee shall not be formally binding upon the Company until all monies due to the Company have been received by the Company.

17. The Company shall have the right to suspend work immediately and without prior notice in the event that any sum due by the Customer to the Company shall be outstanding and unpaid on the due date until such time as the sums in question are paid. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the Customer shall indemnify the Company in respect of all losses and costs which the Company may suffer or incur as the result of such suspension.

18. The materials supplied to any contract shall remain the property of the Contractor until the Customer has paid in full.

19. Any works that involve access or works in association with neighbouring properties should have permission granted between the said neighbours and the Customer. Any such permission is deemed to have been granted prior to commencement of the works.

20. In the event of exposing bats or similar wildlife within the fabric of the building during the works, and if such exposure results in the cessation of works, delays or additional works being required, such costs must be paid for by the Customer.

21. On agreement of the work being carried out there is a 14 day cooling off period. No charge will be made if the Customer wishes to cancel proceedings of the work agreed within this time period.

22. The Customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary Permissions and Approvals prior to the carrying out of the works.

Building Regulations Part L I B

1. In the event you accept our estimate you are deemed to have sought the appropriate Permissions and Approvals. Failing that, you are advised that you should seek approval for these works from your Local Area Building Control prior to commencement, thus to ensure your existing roof insulation conforms to the required value in the Building Regulations 2006.

2. Due to recent changes in the Building Regulations Part L I B, which relates to thermal insulation of existing domestic properties, we are obliged to inform you that householders are responsible for applying to their Local Area Building Control department, prior to any roof work commences, to confirm that the roof insulation conforms to the current Building Regulations 2006.


In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with the work carried out, then we require you to notify us immediately so we can do our upmost to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Ombudsman Services Ltd for dispute resolution. If you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact Which? Trusted Traders on 0117 981 2929.